How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

The teeth are a beautiful gift of nature. It is not justice to don’t care about them. Many doctors believe teeth should be on your priority list. It is because oral health is directly related to many other health factors.

Unhealthy teeth can cause bad breath, heart problems, indigestions, and much more. Healthy teeth are helpful to avoid them all. Healthy teeth are better to grind the food and hence make digestion easy.

They don’t allow bacteria to grow inside the mouth and hence fight against heart diseases and diabetes. Healthy teeth are associated with overall health.


It is very important to keep the teeth healthy. They increase your immunity, boost your confidence and sexual performance. The partners with healthier teeth were found to have healthier babies. The question is, Is it hard to keep your teeth healthy?

The answer to the question is that teeth health depends upon cleanliness. There are several recommendations about the cleaning process to keep the teeth healthier. In this article, we will discuss how to keep your teeth healthy.



Following are the ways to keep the teeth clean and healthy to become more healthy. Montclair Dentist Dental Associates.

1.     Brush Regularly

The best recommendation is to brush the teeth after every meal, but if it is not possible then at least twice a day, once after breakfast second at night before going to bed.

The brushing process is not very complicated keep the brushing process as soft as possible move the brush in up-down directions throughout the mouth.

Using high-quality toothpaste is also very important. Don’t compromise on the price. A better toothpaste helps better cleaning.

2.     Use Flouride

Fluoride is one of the basic requirements of healthy teeth. Fluoride helps to make the teeth strong and protects against the cavity. It helps to make a protecting layer. Many good brands and companies make sure that their paste must include fluoride.

Normally doctors recommended toothpaste has a lot of fluoride in it. It is because a doctor knows how to deal with your teeth in a better way.

3.     Floss Every day

Do not use a toothpick as it can damage the outer layer of the teeth. Flossing is a real option to clean the dirt particle. It is highly recommended not to do flossing with hard hands. As gentle as possible.

Avoid contact with the gums, the thread or other flossing tool you are using can cause bleeding out of gum. This is not exactly what you want. Keep flossing between all the teeth one by one. Until you finish them all. There are many one-minute videos that are interesting to watch that how doctors recommend quick flossing.

Sometimes brushing cannot reach everywhere so flossing is a secondary tool to avoid this problem. Flossing makes sure that none of the areas should have any dirt or food particle on it. It is to avoid any type of bacteria to grow.

4.     Avoid Smoking

Avoid smoking, smoking is a big enemy of your oral health. Smoking can cause many carbon particles to stay in your mouth that are hard to remove via cleaning methods. Carbon particles can grow in your mouth this can even cause tongue or mouth cancer.

It could severely impact the teeth health you maintained for years.

Smoking causes bad breath, unhealthy teeth, and many heart problems. Smoking can even create a layer of smoke particles on your teeth can hence a decay process of the teeth shell can start.

Researchers showed that with an increase in smoking the problem of oral health is increasing. This implies that one must avoid avoiding smoking.

5.     Use Mouthwash

Mouthwash is anti-bacterial, mouth wash makes sure to kill the bacterias inside the mouth.m They make the breath fresh and healthy. They give you a confident booster. However, toothpaste and mouthwash must not be considered as a replacement for each other.

The basic responsibility of the brushing is to clean the teeth whereas the basic responsibility of the mouthwash is to kill the bacteria. The toothpaste may also kill the germs but mouthwash has the sole purpose to kill the bacterias inside your mouth.

Dentists recommend mouthwashes to stop the decaying process of teeth and for fresh breath. A bacteria-free breath is a fresh breath and is very important for life. The recommendation is to use mouth wash after brushing and do not eat or drink anything for at least 30 minutes.

It will allow the anti-septic to kill bacterias without any new bacteria entrance into the mouth.

6.     Limit the sugary food

It is very important to limit sugary food. Sugar is one of the biggest enemies of the teeth, The main cause of early tooth decay is sugar. It is important to avoid it. Sugar creates a helpful environment for the bacterias to grow. It starts a decay process of the teeth if not removed in time.

Diabetes also increases with sugar and hence helps bacterias against oral health.

Avoid sugary foods they are also not helpful for the health other than oral health. They cause laziness and digestion imbalance. They make more thirsty effect the breath in a smelly way. It is better to avoid sugary food for overall health.

7.     Keep Visiting a Doctor

You may think that your teeth are healthy but maybe they are not. The reason is teeth show a bad effect after some damage has already been done. The doctor can check if any teeth are in danger.

Also, visit a doctor if you find anything wrong he will suggest you a better solution. Remember, your doctor knows your teeth better than you. He is there to protect your teeth and make your healthy back again. Never avoid his recommendations.


There are many steps to keep your teeth healthy like brushing, flossing avoiding sugary food. The most important is do not to forget to visit a dentist at regular intervals. He knew your teeth better than you. He may seem a little expensive. But for the quality of oral health, it is nothing.